Auto Electric

We carry electrical units and components for marine applications, airboats, forklifts, stationary equipment (compressors or DC generators), farm equipment, tractors, back hoes, generators, pumps, classic and antique cars and trucks, drive motors for snow plows, lift gates, antique and classic tractors, ATV’s, motorcycles, lawnmowers.


We can source specialty parts - especially those hard-to-find and older vehicles and machines.

For the do-it-yourselfers we can provide component parts for nearly everything – this includes drives, pulleys, bearings, brushes, solenoids, regulators, diodes, etc.

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Need a part quickly? Don't have time to research? Feel like you're paying too much for something? Give us a call or place an order inquiry online and we will do the work.

We can then source the part out of our warehouse or from our network of warehouses across the country.


Need to stock those mission-critical parts but don't want to pay for them until they are needed? Give us a call. We offer consignment options for customers that qualify.